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Providing Siding Repairs to Western, NY

Kohorst Custom Homes & Remodeling has years of experience with siding installation and repair. Our local siding contractors are the premier choice for the residents of Western, NY. Whether you value durability or beauty, we offer a huge selection of the industry’s most reliable products.

Types of Siding

  • Vinyl: Vinyl siding is a durable choice of plastic siding, often used both for aesthetic purposes as well as weatherproofing.
  • Cedar: Cedar siding is tough and resistant to problems such as bending, splitting, and swelling. It is often made from Western Red Cedar, but sometimes White Cedar is used as well. While resistant to rot and moisture problems, it's always smart to put a protective layer of finish on your cedar siding.
  • Aluminum: Metal siding is a popular alternative to other siding options—such as wood and vinyl—where durability is a top priority. Aluminum siding is easy to install, and provides resistance from fire, water, and insects.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass siding is lightweight, moisture-resistant, low maintenance, and eco-friendly. A primary ingredient found in fiberglass is sand, which is a sustainable material that can be found in most areas.
  • Fiber Cement: Fiber cement siding resists many common hazards such as insects, fire, wind, and rain. Fiber cement siding can be used in all climates, but is ideal for regions that are hot and humid.

New Home Builders Looking to Serve You

Durability, price, aesthetic appeal, and longevity are all things to consider when installing or repairing siding. Our home construction experts at Kohorst Custom Homes & Remodeling do their best to ensure your vision is met with time, dedication, and care.

Call us to discuss your siding needs! We can come to your location to assess the extent of any damage. If your siding is beyond repair, we can provide expert installation.